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Anakin/Obiwan Icontest
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Welcome to aniobistills!
The icontest community for the SW duo, AnakinxObiwan.

Mod: mirkwoodforest
CoMod: eithene
Banner Makers: mlledefer and die_grinsekatze

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A special thanks to the founder of aniobistills: vadersangel

1. Be respectful of everyone's work.

2. You can post 3 icons per challenge, unless stated otherwise.

3. Challenges will vary but there is No Animation ('cause it's a stills contest, silly!)

4. Please submit your icons through commenting, with both the icon and URL.

5. The icon has to meet the LJ standards for uploading (40kb, 100x100).

6. If you have a question, comment on a maintainer post.

7. DO NOT post your icon anywhere else (your journal, userinfo, ANYWHERE)
until the challenge is complete!

8.Please do not modify any icons to make your entry. Please make an entirely new icon!

!-Failure to follow the rules will result in disqualification of your icon.
If it happens more than once, you will be banned from the community!

There is no set timeline,
but challenges normally last a week. Voting lasts as long as needed with a tie breaker
if necessary and the next challenge is posted the same day
as the winners of the last challenge.

Click HERE to view past challenges

Click HERE to enter the current challenge

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Comment HERE if you want to be one!